INCM must be notified of participation in national exhibitions or fairs, sporadically, for a period of 30 days or less per year, using the email address, along with the Food and Economic Safety Authority (ASAE), using the email address


This notification must be given 15 days in advance by the following economic operators:

  1. Those certified for performing the activities provided for in the Legal Regime for Goldsmiths and Assay Offices (RJOC);
  2. Those coming from another European Union member state or the European Economic Area who:
    a.Intend to sell articles of precious metal in national territory occasionally and sporadically, under the regime of free provision of services;
    b. Prove that they are legally established in that member state, and hold a document proving this situation.




ASAE must be notified of the sale at auction of used articles of precious metal by lenders and auctioneers, using the email address, along with INCM (, at least 20 days following the date set for the auction, stating the date and location where the auction will be held.