List of melter-assayer technical managers


The melter-assayer technical manager, with a valid professional title, has the following competences:

  1. Assay precious metals according to the methods defined in the Legal Regime for Goldsmiths and Assay Offices (RJOC);
  2. Sign the assay report issued for each bar or sheet that is cast and assayed;
  3. Ensure that bars or sheets are correctly marked with the sponsor’s mark and with punches indicating the type of metal or precious metals present and their respective finenesses;
  4. Melt precious metals to ensure homogeneity;
  5. Refine precious metals.


Edgar Rafael Silva Gradiz Cardoso

Telephone/Mobile: 960060001
Email: [email protected]


Joel Silva Vaz

Telephone/Mobile: 967314238
Email: [email protected]


António Virgílio Dinis Santos

Telephone/Mobile: 963085180
Email: [email protected]


Abel Pinto de Castro

Address:Rua da Breia, 784C – Pinheiro

4810-720 Guimarães

Telephone/Mobile: 919270013
Email: [email protected]


Miguel Germano Santos Rosas Galeiras

Telefone/Telemóvel: 224831622
Email: [email protected]


Sérgio Manuel Magalhães Martins
Address:Rua D. João de França, 1035
4420-110 Gondomar
Telephone/Mobile: 917503463
Email: [email protected]


Ricardo Filipe Coelho Costa
Address:R Josué Duarte Peralta nº 4, Frade de Cima
2090-217 Alpiarça
Telephone/Mobile: 912252165
Email: [email protected]

Assayer-Caster technicians must have a civil liability insurance, as provided for by Article 54 of the Legal Scheme for Jewelers and Assay Offices approved by Law No. 98/2015 of 18 August 2015, in the wording of Decree-Law No. 120/2017 of 15 September 2017 (RJOC), and by Articles 11 et seq. of Ordinance No. 333-B/2017 of 3 November 2017. The special clauses of this insurance, available on the website of the Insurance Supervisory Authority and Pension Fund, may be consulted here:

Mandatory insurance for Assayer-Caster technicians