How can i get a responsability mark



To get a responsibility mark, the first thing you need is a design, which can be:

  • Purchased from the INCM’s online store;
  • Submitted yourself, subject to the assay office’s approval.


The following documentation is also required:

  1. Completed application form;
  2. Permanent certificate code or declaration of commencement of activity, depending on whether you are a legal entity or sole trader;
  3. Criminal record certificate of the applicant or, in the case of legal entities, of the administrators, directors or managers.


Responsibility mark owners have the right to use it for 10 years. The mark must be renewed at the end of this period.


The right to use a responsibility mark may be cancelled by the assay office if:

  1. The holder does not apply for its renewal once 10 years of the usage right have elapsed;
  2. The holder ceases its activity;
  3. The holder does not request the maintenance of precarious possession of the responsibility mark within the statutory period.