The mark that makes the difference

There is a need to create a range of different official marks for precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) to indicate their respective legal fineness, in view of the need to ensure consumer protection, promote fair competition between economic operators in the sector and tackle issues like falsification, which have existed almost since the dawn of time.

The assay office mark guarantees the precious metal type and fineness of precious metal articles.


  • 15Mar2021
  • 28Dec2020

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What is a hallmark?

An official mark identifies the assay office that marked an article, the precious metal and its legal fineness. Therefore it attests to the fact that the articles meet the statutory requirements pursuant...

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How is a hallmark created?

The design of the sponsor’s mark must be submitted to the assay office for approval, along with its respective application forms. It is possible to submit a design or purchase a pre-approved...

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Service scheduling system

The Assay Offices of Lisbon, Porto and Gondomar provide a new system for scheduling service by SMS or Internet, with the closeness, comfort, speed and security with which we wish to serve...

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