The mark that makes the difference

The official marks of the Assay Offices Portuguese indicate the type of precious metal artefact – gold, silver, platinum and palladium – and the respective legal touch in order to ensure the protection of consumers against counterfeiting and the promotion of fair competition between economic operators


  • Gondomar Contrastaria
  • noticia 2021-06

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What is a hallmark?

The Official Mark of the Portuguese identifies the precious metal and the cool touch of the artifact.

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How is a hallmark created?

The design of the sponsor’s mark must be submitted to the assay office for approval, along with its respective application forms. It is possible to submit a design or purchase a pre-approved...

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Service scheduling system

The Assay Offices of Lisbon, Porto and Gondomar provide a new system for scheduling service by SMS or Internet, with the closeness, comfort, speed and security with which we wish to serve...

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